About Special Cleaning Company

Special Cleaning Company specialises in industrial cleaning. With our specific cleaning expertise, we guarantee good hygiene in offices and corporate premises. This is very important, because a poor hygiene status damages the reputation of your company and can be very costly as a result.

We guarantee safety and quality. To do this, Special Cleaning Company uses innovative technologies and products to create optimum production, working and living environments. And our rates are affordable. Sustainability is also important to us, and it goes without saying that we ensure that your company complies with applicable hygiene standards. This means that you can face your audits with confidence.
Would you too like a tailor-made cleaning plan for your company at an affordable price? Please contact us for further obligation-free information.
The advantages offered by Special Cleaning Company
• Experts in industrial cleaning
• Innovative technologies and products
• Guarantees hygiene safety and quality at an affordable price