Enzyme cleaning

Produsafe ECO General Information
Produsafe ECO is an organic coating that can be applied to, and deeply penetrates, all surfaces. It makes surfaces self-cleaning for long periods of time.
• Oil residue, algae, fungi and other stubborn grime are removed by means of a repetitive process. If the contamination returns (e.g. oil residues and grease in fuel tanks or workshops), it is removed by our coating. Such contamination could be called the ‘food’ that our coating consumes.
• Heavily soiled surfaces are also degreased, while unpleasant odours are eliminated.
• The positive bacteria in the coating break down all harmful bacteria such as listeria, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, etc.
Because there are different types of contamination problems, Produsafe ECO is tailor-made for you with the use of different compositions. Every composition uses (a blend of) different microorganisms.

Our coating is built up using positive bacteria, enzymes and pure water. It is an ingenious system of effective microorganisms. It has a pH of 7 and is therefore neutral and – in other words – not aggressive. It does not harm the (marine) environment. In fact, it has quite the opposite effect!

The microorganisms follow the contamination (their ‘food’) and secrete enzymes that degrade a specific type of contamination and convert it into water and carbon dioxide. The positive bacteria in the coating also break down all harmful bacteria such as listeria, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, etc.
Our products deeply penetrate the contaminated area and do not only affect the surface as chemical products do.
Bacteria take in oxygen mixed with the water. This mixture is achieved through scrubbing with the coating. If the water no longer provides the bacteria with oxygen, some will die and others will dry out and become spores. When the spores come into contact with water and food (contaminated/polluted area) again, they reactivate and restart their cleansing function.
Once their food sources have been fully eliminated for a long period, the microorganisms die off naturally.

1. Active at temperatures of between 4 and 48.8 °C.
2. Active at pH levels of between 4 and 11
3. Produsafe ECO must not be mixed with chemical products. This will destroy the coating.
4. The coating must always be diluted with water before use. Minimum ratio of 1:1, maximum ration of 1:10,000.
5. Bacteria live and are active in watery environments. They feed in the area between the water and the contamination. It is essential that the coating reaches as much of the contaminated or polluted area as possible. This can be achieved by scrubbing.

Apply the coating to the target surface. Scrub thoroughly and allow 15 minutes for absorption. Then rinse with water.

Once the solution is slightly frothy, the ratio between coating and water is correct.
– Manual use: dilute with cold water at a ratio of between 1:25 and 1:100
– Machine use: dilute with cold water at a ratio of between 1:500 and 1:2000
Personal safety precautions:
Wear safety goggles.

Non-pathogenic organisms – category 1 & 2 (European Federation of Biotechnology)

INHALATION: no risk during normal use.
SKIN CONTACT: no risk. Wash hands before eating or drinking.
EYE CONTACT: no risk. Rinse with plenty of cold, running water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.
INGESTION: no risk. Do not swallow. Rinse mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting.
Environmental precautions: The coating will not harm the environment. On the contrary, if it is used to strip oil and grease, it will have a cleansing action in sewerage systems and other waste facilities.

For wherever there are signs of pollution/contamination caused by e.g. oil residue, grease, algae, fungi, harmful bacteria, waste and other contamination, including unpleasant odours.
Because there are different types of contamination problems, Produsafe ECO is tailor-made for you with the use of different compositions. Every composition uses (a blend of) different microorganisms.

Some usage examples:
1. Carwash
Advantages for CARWASH owners:
– Useful lifespan of fabric brushes increases by as much as 80%.
– Savings of as much as 80% on (grease) traps.
– Washing can be done at lower temperatures.
– Environmentally-friendly.
– Car wash floors and waste water much cleaner.
Advantages for customers:
• Cars get a better and deeper sheen and feel smoother because our coating is not aggressive.
• Cars are much drier when they emerge from the carwash because Produsafe ECO has a pH of 7.
• Does not leave grey lines.
• No bad odours.

2. Contaminated soil
Onsite treatment of soil contaminated by petroleum products.

3. Food industry
Hygiene is of crucial importance here. In the food industry, microorganisms are especially used for (waste) water purification purposes. Microorganisms are not used to clean parts that make contact with food ingredients. Instead, enzymes that contain bacteriocin (acquired from the Bacillus Agglomerans, Megaterium) are used. The enzymes act as a surfactant, while the bacteriocin has an ‘antibiotic’ effect within the broad spectrum of actions against bacterial strains, fungi and streptococcus, and prevents the reproduction of microorganisms. Research has determined that not one single bacterial strain is resistant to the bacteriocin produced by our bacteria.

Food manufacturers are furthermore required to comply with strict environmental regulations because the use of aggressive substances is not permitted. Our coating is 100% organic and fully complies with HACCP standards.

4. The cleaning of fuel tanks with Produsafe ECO is particularly effective and cost-efficient. It converts fuel residue into pure water and does this quickly. As an advantage, the resulting waste water can be discharged straight into sewerage systems without any environmental impact. And fuel tanks no longer need to be ventilated after being cleaned. The use of chemicals forms gas, but the only gas released by our coating is CO2.

5. (Vehicle) workshops. Produsafe ECO is effective because it deeply penetrates the surface of e.g. concrete floor in (vehicle) workshops, where it converts oil residue into pure water. This can subsequently be discharged into regular sewerage systems.

6. If used for the maintenance of buildings, a sharp drop in the griminess of sewerage systems and septic tanks can be noted over the course of time.

7. Purification of waste water.

8. The degreasing of (highly) polluted surfaces, such as tiles, kitchen areas, ovens, furnishings and extractor hoods.

For use by whom?
Our coating is suitable for use by all companies that desire optimum hygiene in order to minimise contamination risks and the resulting impact on finances and reputation. Examples of sector applications include:
• Food and drink industry
• Sport, Leisure and Catering
• Medical and care sector
• Transport industry
• Construction and real estate
• Automotive sector
• Military, Police and Emergency Services
• Retail sector that supplies private households