Foods safety starts with consistent cleaning

Over the past years, food processing companies have unfortunately been in the news for the wrong reasons.
This negative publicity has involved outbreaks of salmonella, listeria or E.coli.
The aforementioned microorganisms pose a risk to public health.
As a result, the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) has drastically increased hygiene requirements.
These microorganisms also pose risks to the reputations and finances of companies.
Various audits that closely monitor the quality and hygiene status of companies indicate that the cleaning process plays a major role here.
Special Cleaning Company (SCC) is unique in the cleaning sector thanks to its extensive knowledge about (industrial) cleaning and its innovative technologies. All too often, focus is placed on the lowest possible price for cleaning. This ultimately has a negative effect on quality.

By applying new technologies and products, we are able to guarantee the very best quality while providing cleaning services at a fair price.
Because of our use of the SCC quality method, the hygiene in your production environment is always at the highest possible level and can be verified by you.
This method includes:
Registration of all target areas
The monitoring of target areas
Samples and measurements by means of ATP meter or germ count of the target areas
Analysis of the target areas
Support during audits or advice during ISO certification

The use of dry ice cleaning
If desired, the application of an unrivalled and long-lasting nano coating that combats bacteria, viruses and fungi.