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Industrial cleaning experts

Bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites are not tolerated in the food processing industry. In fact, a poor hygiene status damages the reputation of a company and also poses financial risks. That is why a good cleaning plan is very worthwhile. Special Cleaning Company from Bunschoten is company that specialises in industrial cleaning. This company has specific cleaning expertise and guarantees excellent hygiene at offices and company sites, thereby ensuring safety and quality.
“We use innovative technologies and products to create ideal production, working and living environments,” says Yvette Kamps from Special Cleaning Company. “Quality and sustainability are important factors, so we use a revolutionary coating that can be applied to all surfaces and firmly clings to those surfaces. When exposed to UV light, the main ingredient is converted into free oxygen radicals, amongst others. As a result, bacteria, viruses and fungi are degraded and removed for very long periods of time. Special Cleaning Company makes sure that companies comply with hygiene standards, such as those set by HACCP and ISO. This means that companies can face their audits with confidence.”
For a tailor-made cleaning plan for your company at an affordable price, please visit and contact us without obligation for more information.


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Unique strategic deal

afbeelding1 afbeelding2

BDG Nederland BV from Barneveld has closed a strategic deal with Special Cleaning Company (SCC) BV from Bunschoten Spakenburg.

While BDG Nederland BV is a renowned regional cleaning organisation operating in the administration, retail, education, recreation, transport and industrial sectors, SCC BV is an organisation operating in the medical & care, food processing and recreation & leisure sectors where the emphasis is on industrial cleaning. In addition, SCC BV uses cleaning programmes and corresponding cleaning intervals that are based on a revolutionary coating that is ever-increasingly being used in e.g. the food and drink industry.

With both organisations having combined their strengths in preferred or necessary areas, a service partnership has been created that is highly competitive and – above all – provides quality service in order to optimise the full cleaning process.

For more information, please visit the websites of BDG Nederland BV or SCC BV:


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The exponential technology of SCC

Did you know that companies like Google, Tesla and Netflix derive the rationale for their existence and their superfast growth from something called exponential technologies? You should know this, because it has been dominating the media. Exponential technologies help companies develop by taking ever-larger steps. Exponential technologies offer unheard of opportunities thanks to the high-speed development of 3D printers, sustainable energy sources, robots that take care of tedious, difficult or dangerous tasks, etc.

DID YOU KNOW THAT Special Cleaning Company also uses an exponential technology in order to perform cleaning tasks more effectively and efficiently at companies and organisations?

We use a revolutionary coating for our cleaning activities. This coating provides long-term protection against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi, and also neutralises unpleasant odours. This substantially improves the quality of your working and living environment. Imagine a drastic increase in the hygiene of your industrial processes WITHOUT the use of aggressive cleaning agents. Or consider office environments, saunas, childcare centres, restaurants, hotels, toilets at petrol stations and on trains or hospital wards. There are too many application opportunities to mention here.

Our coating is based on nanotechnology. This is a collective term that refers to applications and techniques to which a scale of 1 to 100 nanometres is applied. When matter is reduced to this scale, it can display extraordinary characteristics. Non-conductive substances become conductive and coloured substances become transparent.

Today, nanotechnology is used in many sectors, ranging from medicine and electronics to food processing.

Experts say that nanotechnology will be making a significant contribution towards addressing important social issues, such as keeping our (ageing) society healthy and surviving climate change.

If you are curious about our coating and our cleaning options, please contact us at

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Special Cleaning Company at MFC-Event

EMBLEEM_MFC-EVENT_2015The MFC-Event on 20 and 21May was a new, must-visit event for everyone in the Netherlands and Belgium involved in the processing and manufacture of meat, meat products, fish, cheese and meat substitutes. This year, special Cleaning Company manned a stall at stand number B055.

The EvenTron in Rosmalen was the venue for the MFC-Event. Product innovations, new technical and technological developments and the current ‘meat economy’ were the focus of the exhibition. Stallholders and various speakers gave visitors to the MFC-Event clear information about these topics.

The MFC-Event was open to the public from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on both days, and visitors to the event were hosted in the EvenTron. Visitors were given free parking, free admission and a – likewise free – snack and drink.

For more information, please

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