Bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites are not tolerated in the food processing industry. In fact, a poor hygiene status damages the reputation of a company and also poses financial risks. That is why a good cleaning plan is very worthwhile. Special Cleaning Company from Bunschoten is company that specialises in industrial cleaning. This company has specific cleaning expertise and guarantees excellent hygiene at offices and company sites, thereby ensuring safety and quality.
“We use innovative technologies and products to create ideal production, working and living environments,” says Yvette Kamps from Special Cleaning Company. “Quality and sustainability are important factors, so we use a revolutionary coating that can be applied to all surfaces and firmly clings to those surfaces. When exposed to UV light, the main ingredient is converted into free oxygen radicals, amongst others. As a result, bacteria, viruses and fungi are degraded and removed for very long periods of time. Special Cleaning Company makes sure that companies comply with hygiene standards, such as those set by HACCP and ISO. This means that companies can face their audits with confidence.”
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