Medical & Care

Hygiene is vitally important

In the world of medicine and care, an optimum hygiene status is often vitally important.

All too often, hospital patients, visitors and employees are exposed to Norovirus resulting from poor sanitary hygiene or poor food preparation hygiene. However, other microorganisms – such as the MRSA bacterium – can also unexpectedly emerge.
Unfortunately, the risk of infection is high in places like hospitals. Hundreds of infected people pass through the doors of hospitals every day. Ill or elderly people are at greater risk of infection, while contamination risks are only increased by e.g. the sharing of sanitation facilities and physical points of contact. To sum it up, hospitals and other care facilities are infection hotbeds.
The costs of such outbreaks in hospitals are enormous. Consider the resulting cause analyses, extra nursing staff, medication, resources and – especially – reputation damage that will deter new patients. The estimated costs of the outbreak of an infection vary from approximately €50,000 to €250,000.

Special Cleaning Company implements a cleaning plan in which the use of an unrivalled coating plays an important role. This coating can be applied to all surfaces and firmly clings onto such surfaces. It makes surfaces self-cleansing and self-decontaminating for a long period of time. Our coating uses the effects of ultraviolet light to degrade bacteria, viruses and fungi.
This coating is ideal for the treatment of e.g. hospital furnishings, operating theatres, isolation wards, sanitary facilities, various physical contact points, walls in areas like emergency rooms, beds, examination tables, kitchens, etc.
It is also possible to add our coating to the specifications of pending alterations or construction activities.