Special Cleaning Company uses Produsafe QX, a revolutionary coating that can be applied to all surfaces and firmly clings to such surfaces. As part of the cleaning process, this coating offers significant advantages, including:
1) Savings on everyday cleaning costs
2) Increased quality of residential, lifestyle and working environments
3) The use of this nano coating contributes to sustainable and responsible enterprise because substances like chemical cleaning agents are no longer or rarely necessary.

General Information
Produsafe QX is a revolutionary coating that can be applied to all surfaces and firmly clings to such surfaces. It makes the surface self-cleaning and self-decontaminating for a long period of time. It is colourless and odourless.

Our coating consists of nano particles suspended in a watery substance. These particles are extremely small and create a large active surface. The nano particles are absorbed by the crystalline structure of the surface and cannot be removed. They eventually disappear as the surface wears.

Under the influence of UV light, the main ingredient of Produsafe is converted into free oxygen radicals, amongst others. This degrades bacteria, viruses and fungi and repels these microorganisms for a long period of time. The coating also makes the surface strongly hydrophilic, so that water forms a slippery film on the surface. Because organic material has been dislodged, it cannot easily cling to the surface and simply gets rinsed off with the water.

Once the surface in question has been thoroughly pre-treated, Produsafe QX is applied by means of spraying. This is a task best left to the experts. During treatment of large surfaces, facial protection masks must be used.

The main ingredient of the coating layer is also used in foods, cosmetics and tablet medication. Skin exposure is harmless. Inhalation through the nose and mouth, as well as ingestion, is likewise harmless (except in huge quantities).

The coating is suitable for – amongst others – reducing the contamination risks resulting from bacteria, viruses and fungi, removing harmful substances and penetrating odours from the air, prolonging the shelf life of certain foods and protecting materials such as bricks, glass, synthetics, etc. from (in)organic contamination. The coating has been tested by TNO.

For use by whom?
Our coating is suitable for use by all companies that desire optimum hygiene in order to minimise contamination risks and the resulting impact on finances and reputation. It also protects the exteriors of buildings and materials like facades and glasswork from pollution. Examples of sector applications include:
• Food and drink industry
• Sport, Leisure and Catering
• Administration
• Transport industry (airline and road)
• Construction and real estate
• Automotive sector
• Military, Police and Emergency Services
• Electronics industry (long-term protection of smartphones and tablets from grease, stains and bacteria)
• High-tech industry