Recreation & Leisure

Clean spaces contribute to recreation

Hygiene is very important in this sector, especially because it affects us directly as people.
Consider a sauna as an example.
Heat, bodily oils and moisture meet in this particularly damp part of a wellness centre. This creates an ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria.
Despite much effort being made to clean the entire centre every day, there is still a chance that it is not properly clean. Although it may be ‘visibly’ clean, the ‘invisible’ dirt is still there and the hygiene is therefore not ideal in this area! It is precisely this invisible grime that can result in infections and diseases! Since you do not want your guests to be met by a colony of bacteria when they enter your sauna, it can be useful to know how to make better cleaning possible and to thereby make sure that the hygiene in your sauna and wellness centre is at a high level.

Special Cleaning Company can apply a tailor-made cleaning plan to advise you on how to clean your resort and maintain its cleanliness.
With our cleaning techniques, we can make sure that moulds, bacteria and other (in)visible grime are removed and stay away.
Hygiene is also extremely important in the leisure sector.
After all, you certainly do not want to be confronted by dirty surroundings during your holiday or leisure time.